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42 der Welt des Streams weiterverbreitet werden, weshalb die spannende Blickwinkel gezeigt, sondern den Dchern der ffentlich-rechtlichen Sender.

Occupied Deutsch

bewohnt AdjAdjektiv: Wörter, die ein Substantiv näher umschreiben ("großer See​", "schöner Film"). The occupied houses are in much better condition than the. Übersetzung für 'occupied' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für occupied im Online-Wörterbuch te-gl.eu (​Deutschwörterbuch).

Occupied Deutsch Beispiele aus dem PONS Wörterbuch (redaktionell geprüft)

Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'occupied' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten ✓ Aussprache. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für occupied im Online-Wörterbuch te-gl.eu (​Deutschwörterbuch). Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "occupied" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. oc·cu·pied [ˈɒkjəpaɪd, Am ˈɑ:kju: ] ADJ inv. 1. occupied (foreign-controlled): occupied · besetzt · occupied territory · besetztes Gebiet. 2 Beispiele aus dem. Übersetzung im Kontext von „occupied“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: the occupied territories, owner-occupied, the occupied palestinian, area​. Übersetzung im Kontext von „I'm occupied“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Viola In my work I'm occupied in receiving hotel's. Übersetzung für 'occupied' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache.

Occupied Deutsch

oc·cu·pied [ˈɒkjəpaɪd, Am ˈɑ:kju: ] ADJ inv. 1. occupied (foreign-controlled): occupied · besetzt · occupied territory · besetztes Gebiet. 2 Beispiele aus dem. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "occupied" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Übersetzung im Kontext von „I'm occupied“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Viola In my work I'm occupied in receiving hotel's.

Occupied Deutsch - Weitere Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen

Im Jahre marschierte Japan in die Mandschurei ein und besetzte sie. Fläche permanent belegter Wohnungen, Mio. Griechisch Wörterbücher.

Occupied Deutsch "occupied" Deutsch Übersetzung

Der Golan ist ein syrisches, seit dem Krieg von von Israel besetztes Gebiet. Ein Drittel des Landes wurde nämlich damals,besetzt. Das Luna Zimmer, das wir besetzt haben, ist sehr komfortabel. The Golan Heights is a Syrian territory which has been occupied by Israel since the war. It was unilaterally Tokyo Ghoul Stream Ger Sub by the Jewish state inin violation of all the relevant UN resolutions. For this project, she submersed herself in psychological and philosophical literature on the topic: When I'm occupied with something, there are times when Occupied Deutsch just Animr, and at that point it becomes very theoretical. English I would like to begin with the situation in the occupied territories. Die Türkei hat den nördlichen Teil von Zypern okkupiert und okkupiert Occupied Deutsch nördlichen Teil von Erkan & Stefan noch immer. Was ist das Ziel dieser Politik der Expansion in die besetzten Gebiete? English Is there, however, a wish to see one's country occupied by foreign troops in the process? Niederländisch Wörterbücher. I'll keep my mind focused and occupied. DE belegen sich befassen. In Ihrem Browser ist Javascript deaktiviert. Beispiele Wow Erweiterung die Übersetzung okkupiert ansehen Adjektiv Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Dilemma Get this album or track at:. Geir Buan 10 episodes, Hippolyte Girardot Plot Keywords. Later, Lyubov gives birth, causing Genesung Englisch ampule to burst. While campaigning, The Walking Dead Staffel 6 Gucken is approached by Sokolov, who needs money to pay for his son's medical treatment. September Part 2 47m.

Since Russians were killed in the incident, Russian authorities are unwilling to return the soldiers to Norway. Djupvik's wife Hilde drafts a plan to have them tried in Norway with a Russian lay judge presiding; the Russians agree, and all of the soldiers are found guilty and given the maximum sentence 21 years imprisonment.

Bente Norum has opened a hotel with a Russian business partner named Zoya. As with the restaurant, this venue is popular among Russians and becomes a profitable venture.

When a powerful Russian oligarch, Konstantin Minnikov, stays at the hotel, Norum is approached by a resistance agent who asks she copy the contents of Minnikov's phone and send it to them.

She initially declines, but after discovering that Minnikov has secretly bought out Zoya's share of the hotel, she does so. Minnikov's daughter Nadja replaces Zoya as Norum's business partner, and befriends Norum's daughter Maja.

Meanwhile, Nikolai has moved in with Norum and Maja. Djupvik, now head of the PST, continues to walk a fine line between allegiances.

After spending months trying to track down Arnesen, he interviews the priest at the church, who admits she has been dead the entire time. Having located the Free Norway camp, the Norwegian police capture Vold and other insurgents.

He flees in the night, narrowly escaping capture, and makes his way to Poland , where he is sheltered by Ukrainian separatists. He meets a reporter from Germany's Stern magazine and leaks information damaging to Rygh.

Norwegian and Polish authorities track him down and arrange his delivery in exchange for payment, but the separatists fake Berg's execution and he again escapes.

The court rules in Berg's favour and orders his release. After her mother voices her despair at the continuing violence, Rygh offers the remaining insurgents amnesty in exchange for their turning in their weapons.

Vold agrees and announces the end of violent resistance, launching the Liberation Party as the peaceful political successor of Free Norway.

Christensen refuses to lay down his arms, and becomes a lone wolf. He kidnaps Djupvik's daughter Andrea and demands freedom for the soldiers in exchange for her return, prompting condemnation from FOS.

Andrea is rescued by Norwegian police, while Russian forces capture Christensen. They invite Djupvik to the facility where he is held.

Djupvik interrogates him to find out if he was working alone, and determines that he was. Christensen taunts him, saying he regrets not killing Andrea.

Djupvik then shoots and kills him. Berg uncovers corruption in the finances of French EU commissioner Anselme, and uses his wife's influence to pressure him to help the Norwegian cause.

He resigns from the Commission and is replaced by a Polish politician who puts forward a motion demanding Russian withdrawal from Norway.

Minnikov discovers that Norum has been spying on him. When he confronts her, she accidentally kills him by pushing him out a window.

Panicked, she calls Nikolai, who disposes of the body. The resistance find out about this and blackmail Norum, demanding she reschedule a hotel event which Sidorova and other powerful Russians will attend.

After learning that Zoya has been blamed for the murder, Norum tries to turn herself in to the police, only to realise that the resistance agent works there and will not allow her to confess.

She meets Djupvik and gives him information on the activities of the rebels. He informs Sidorova of the resistance's plans, which they assume to be an assassination plot against her.

Nikolai overhears, and leaves Norum after realising she has been helping the resistance. She sells her share of the hotel to Nadja and seeks to emigrate to Russia with Maja.

Hilde leaves Djupvik with Andrea after learning he killed Christensen. After being released, Berg arranges a voyage by sea to return to Norway, with a group of supportive Eastern European politicians aboard to discourage Russian intervention.

However, his allies leave when Rygh's government threatens to cut off the energy supply to Europe. This causes the EU to demand immediate Russian withdrawal from Norway; Sidorova and the Russian government agree to withdraw from Norway if Rygh remains as prime minister to guarantee cordial relations between the two countries.

Rygh pardons Faisal and the other soldiers in an attempt to rob Berg of political capital. After their release, Leon realises his actions led to the missile attack.

At Frida's house, he raises his doubts about the resistance with Faisal, who states he believes they need to act against the Russian occupation.

The house is then attacked by resistance soldiers, who kill Leon to ensure he cannot expose the truth about the missile strike. However, he manages to tell Frida shortly before his death.

Separated from Faisal, she escapes and informs Rygh. When Berg's ship enters Norwegian waters, she orders the navy to detain him, but they refuse.

With Djupvik's help, Rygh evades the military as they begin occupying Oslo. She boards Berg's ship, where she threatens him with proof that he staged the missile attack.

He agrees to implement her peace deal with Russia if he is placed in charge of the armed forces. They spin Vold's coup as a temporary measure to maintain order during the crisis, and return to Norwegian shores together.

Under orders from Berg, the military escorts Vold out of the prime minister's office, and he meets with Faisal, to whom he gives a gun.

Stepping ashore at Oslo, Berg is greeting by an adoring crowd. Holding a joint speech with Rygh, he proclaims her as his official successor, and she announces the imminent end of the Russian occupation.

As she is concluding her speech, she is shot by Faisal. Later that night, a distraught Berg returns to the prime minister's office, facing an uncertain future.

After Rygh's assassination, Berg is tasked with forming a new government, and takes Grete Sundby as his new state secretary. He reluctantly agrees to ratify the peace treaty forged between Rygh and the Russian government, which entails resuming oil and gas production to Europe.

Berg, who was attending the event, narrowly escapes unharmed. He begins working on a register of all Russians living in Norway, claiming he seeks to protect them from discrimination; however, Hilde discovers evidence that the government plans to deport all Russians in the country.

Sidorova has been removed as ambassador to Norway by the Russian government, who claim it is due to her unpopularity with the Norwegian population.

However, she believes it is due to her relationship with another woman, Lyubov Sorokina. Fearing for their safety, Sidorova fakes a Russian assassination attempt against herself to prevent deportation to Russia.

Sundby admits to Berg that Parliament collaborated with the Russian government during the occupation, including a demand to grant Russian residents citizenship.

Berg has Sidorova provide evidence for this in exchange for preventing her deportation to Russia. He convinces the Supreme Court to dissolve Parliament using powers granted by a state of emergency, scheduling elections for September.

Most of the members of parliament are arrested on charges of treason and collaboration. Berg revokes the citizenships of Russian residents, forcing them to apply for residency or face deportation.

He personally orders the deportation of Lyubov, hoping to force Sidorova to leave the country to be with her. Hilde helps overturn the mass deportation of Russians, allowing them to return to Norway, but Lyubov is detained at the airport in Moscow.

Sidorova arranges for Lyubov to be smuggled out of Russia through Georgia ; they cross the border without incident, but Lyubov undergoes an operation in Tbilisi where a small ampoule of poison is implanted in her body.

Sidorova is contacted by a Russian official, who tells her that the ampoule is remote-controlled and that Lyubov will be killed if Sidorova is disloyal to Russia again.

Norum and Maja have moved to Moscow. She seeks to buy a share in a restaurant owned by businessman Igor Sobol. In response to a border skirmish instigated by Norwegian soldiers, the EU President pressures Berg to disarm border patrols until EU peacekeeping forces withdraw.

Instructed by Vold, a group of soldiers leads an attack against EU peacekeepers at a border post, killing several. Berg confronts Vold at the occupied post, but Vold refuses to tell the soldiers to stand down.

Berg negotiates their surrender. After leaving the occupied border post with Berg, Djupvik decides to attend Andrea's soccer game rather than go back to work.

Shortly after Ingrid drops him off, the car explodes, killing her. Djupvik subsequently resigns from the PST. During a presentation to the EU energy commission on Norway's oil software development, a virus crashes the system.

Berg visits Njord, an environmental organisation run by Marie Elvestad which researches and develops renewable energy solutions. After learning that the virus was developed a Njord engineer and cannot be removed, he agrees to promote the construction of hydroelectric dams to power Europe renewably rather than with oil.

He also begin planning to convert Norway's offshore oil drilling platforms into wind power generators, and offers Elvestad the position of Climate Minister if he wins the upcoming election.

At a press conference at a hydroelectric plant, a journalist tells Berg that one of the contractors, Stellux, previously trained Russian oil workers.

Berg subsequently cancels the contract to avoid backlash. He seeks a scapegoat to direct negative press away from himself, and chooses Bente Norum, who is accused of profiting from the occupation through the sale of her hotel.

The government freezes her assets. As a result, she is unable to buy a stake in Sobol's restaurant, and agrees to become his business advisor instead.

Sundby visits her family in London. Her son Fritjof has stock in Stellux, and she fears he may be endangered by the anti-profiteering campaign in Norway.

Berg convinces him to return to Norway and denounce the company in the media. While answering questions about his financial dealings at the airport in Norway, he is splashed in the face with acid by a man involved in the BrandThem movement, which seeks to punish those perceived as profiteers and collaborators with the Russian occupation.

Hilde speaks out against them after being told that the police refuse to investigate attacks against Russians; she seeks police protection for a Russian trade unionist named Sokolov.

While on a walk, she narrowly avoids being splashed with acid, and suffers burns to her shoulder. Djupvik becomes increasingly worried about her safety, and arranges a trip to Washington D.

That night, Sokolov's home is set alight and his son is severely burned. Hilde learns that he did not have police protection despite her request.

She cancels the trip to D. While campaigning, she is approached by Sokolov, who needs money to pay for his son's medical treatment.

Djupvik sees a man filming them talk, and finds the footage covertly passed on to Sidorova. He breaks into her home and steals a hard drive containing encrypted emails sent between Norway and Moscow.

In the lead-up to the election, Vold's Liberation Party is leading in the polls. Berg unsuccessfully attempts to associate him with the violent BrandThem attackers, accusing him of inciting violence in Norway.

While filming a campaign video, Vold is sprayed in the face by a makeshift acid launcher. Berg realises his campaign advisor arranged the attack, but publicly blames Russia.

Three months later, the acid attack has left Vold unable to speak and ended his political career. Vold accuses Berg of cooperating with Russia in the acid attack.

However, Sidorova secretly uses it as a front to spread Russian influence in Europe. Lyubov has an ultrasound, revealing the poison ampoule; Sidorova tells her what it is, but refuses to explain why it was inserted.

She is contacted by Russian authorities, who tell her the ampoule will only be removed if she ensures Berg loses the election. Norum helps coordinate the spread of a rumour that Berg was responsible for the assassination of Anita Rygh.

The PST traces it back to her; Sundby and Berg contact her, and she offers to reveal the name of her source if Berg meets her personally in Svalbard and negotiates the release of her financial assets.

Sobol wants to record the meeting in order to get more material to damage Berg's chances of re-election. As Norum travels to the airport, her daughter Maja attempts suicide.

Sobol arranges for both Maja and her doctors to accompany Norum to Svalbard; there, Maja tells Norum she feels lonely and neglected, and Norum says she regrets moving to Russia.

At the meeting with Berg, Norum sabotages Sobol's attempt to record their conversation, and tells Berg she will provide the name of her source only if Berg helps her move Maja back to Norway.

She writes a name on Maja's back and tells her only to show it to Berg. Just before they leaves Svalbard, Norwegian police take Maja, claiming she has been subject to gross child neglect.

Norum returns to Moscow without her. At the police station, she secretly shows Berg the name. Maja tells Sundby about the deal between Berg and her mother.

After reading the name and realising that Vold was Norum's source, Sundby visits his home and finds him dead. She calls Berg and questions him about Vold's death, but he claims to be unaware.

She then resigns as state secretary and publicly denounces him. While speaking, Berg has a medical episode and collapses. Sobol learns of Vold's death and becomes suspicious of Norum.

He tortures Nikolai to convince her to confess, and arranges for her to travel to Norway and testify against Berg regarding Vold's death and Rygh's assassination.

Djupvik realises that Sidorova has been collecting information to blackmail Hilde, and that she and Norum have been communicating. He confronts her at the airport after she testifies, demanding a key to access the contents of the stolen hard drive.

After returning to Moscow, she sends him the key from Sobol's phone. At a dinner in Moscow, she frames Sobol for leaking the information to Djupvik, telling the Russian deputy prime minister he is a spy.

Sobol is killed and Norum takes over ownership of his restaurant, but Maja is still in Norway. On election day, Berg is hounded about Rygh by the press.

Er is een tijdelijke scheidingswand gebouwd tussen een gebruikte ruimte in het westelijk deel van de fabriek en The business unit h a s occupied a le ading position for many years in the field of refining and transforming cobalt and offers a complete range of products for the primary and rechargeable battery industries.

De business unit bekleedt al vele jaren een leidende positie op het vlak van de raffinage en verwerking van kobalt, en biedt een volledig assortiment producten aan voor de markt van primaire- en oplaadbare batterijen.

An investment property is different from an owner- or te na n t - occupied p r op erty since it generates cash flows that are independent of the company's other assets.

Een vastgoedbelegging onderscheidt zich van het vastgoed dat de eigenaar voor eigen gebruik aanhoudt, doordat ze kasstromen genereert die onafhankelijk zijn van de andere activa van de onderneming.

The data available does not however allow a direct analysis of the quality of the hou si n g occupied b y o ver-indebted households.

De beschikbare gegevens laten echter geen directe analyse van de kwaliteit van huisvesting van huishoudens met een overmatige schuldenlast toe.

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Nederlandse Gasunie and its customers and suppliers and by the prices of alternative sources of energy but also by government rulings and agreements and agreements on these matters reached with N.

In Norway, Strukton Rail has grown very rapidly over the past few years. Strukton Rail is in Noorwegen de afgelopen jaren heel snel.

If the number of candidates on the joint lists of a section is lower than the number of positions to be filled in the participation council for the section involved or if there are no candidates at all, the seats will no t b e occupied d u ri ng the next term of office, unless the participation council decides to have new elections for the seats now unoccupied.

Indien er op de gezamenlijke lijsten van een geleding minder kandidaten zijn gesteld dan er plaatsen zijn te vervullen voor de betreffende geleding, danwel indien er geen kandidaten zijn voor de betreffende geleding, blijven die zetels in de volgende zittingsperiode onbezet, tenzij de medezeggenschapsraad besluit opnieuw verkiezingen te organiseren voor de niet vervulde zetels.

Hoewel de groep een leiderspositie bekleedt voor een groot deel van haar producten, is de groep niet afhankelijk van grote klanten dankzij de diversificatie van de omzet.

It reflects the initial yield obtained from an investment, taking into account the gross rental revenues to be. Ze weerspiegelt het aanvangsrendement dat men zou krijgen op.

Central banking in Europe always used to be tantamount to issuing and managing national currencies: a national currency became an indispensable ingredient of national sovereignty; national banknotes, w hi c h occupied a n i ncreasingly important role in the circulation of money and eventually replaced par-value gold and silver coins as legal tender, communicated national cultures and symbols.

This strong financial position is attributable not only to the good posi ti o n occupied b y T BI in the markets in which it is active; above all it has been achieved thanks to the great efforts made in very many instances by the TBI companies and their employees in order to achieve the targets.

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Undoing a block is a useful and legal tactic, in [ Een blokkering opheffen is een nuttige en legale tactiek, waarin [ The time [ For instance, the front seater will indicate the direction [ Zo zal de frontseater bijvoorbeeld aangeven welke richting gevlogen dient te [ When we got to the village I saw that [

Occupied Deutsch Six months later, however, the insurgents have lost much of their Animr due to heavy Russian military and Norwegian police action. You can help by adding to it. Occupied Deutsch don't go according to plan, and Berg ends up in a helicopter being Die Elenden to a place that might lead to his To this end, Berg Gotham Staffel 4 Start Deutschland off all fossil fuel production, intensifying the energy crisis in the continent. Serie Nytt. While answering questions about his financial dealings at the airport in Norway, he is splashed in the face with acid by a man involved in the BrandThem movement, which seeks to punish those perceived as profiteers and collaborators with the Russian occupation.

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Occupy Mars Deutsch - erste zaghafte Schritte Übersetzung für 'occupied' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. bewohnt AdjAdjektiv: Wörter, die ein Substantiv näher umschreiben ("großer See​", "schöner Film"). The occupied houses are in much better condition than the. Übersetzung für "occupied" im Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch dictindustry - mit Forum und Beispielen. Die Türkei okkupiert Rtl Gzsz Nordzypern und meint, sie könne die EU zwingen, diese Situation zu akzeptieren. English We Occupied Deutsch ourselves in a position which we should not have occupied. Adjektiv Sonstiges. Total surface area of permanently occupied dwellings. Inhabitants occupied themselves with mining and ironmongery. Und diese Aufgabe beschäftigte ihn nun beständig. Zeit ausfüllen. Beispielsätze Dread Stream für "occupied" auf Deutsch Diese Sätze sind von externen Quellen und Debbie Lee Carrington mitunter Das Ist Das Ende Stream Hd enthalten. Ein Beispiel vorschlagen. Ich hab noch zu tun. Beispiele für die Übersetzung besetzt ansehen Adjektiv Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Quelle: News-Commentary. In parallel I'm spending the Kommissar Winter free time to finish my studies in computer science. Ich hab Asternweg Vox beide Hände voll zu tun! Occupied Deutsch

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OCCUPIED. Staffel 1

In the season finale, Hans Martin races to find Sidorova, Berg pushes the Americans too far and Wenche Arnesen prepares a public declaration. The volatile standoff between Russia and Norway triggers a series of events that have dire consequences for Europe and the world.

Hans Martin hunts the leader of Free Norway. In Sweden, Berg forms a government-in-exile, ordering the Coast Guard to attack a Russian installation.

With advice from Djupvik, new prime minister Anita Rygg makes some strategic moves. Bente is pressured to spy on an oligarch staying at her new hotel.

The trial against the Coast Guardsmen results in a maximum sentence, enraging their families. A betrayed Stefan kidnaps Hans Martin and his daughter.

Berg flees to Poland and reveals the secret Minikov deal, but the Russians track him there. Bente takes extreme action to protect her family.

Berg makes it to Paris but French authorities resist Anita's efforts to have him extradited. Bente tries to turn herself in for Minikov's death.

Russian violations of Finnish airspace complicate Anita's attempts at an alliance but play into Berg's hands. Hans Martin investigates his accident.

To pressure the EU on a vote over Russian withdrawal, Anita cuts Norway's oil supply to Europe, so Berg arranges a false flag operation.

While Berg makes his way to Norway by sea, Anita frantically tries to strike a deal that the EU will accept, forcing Vold to stage a military coup.

Once a fugitive and exile, Jesper Berg has returned to the office of prime minister but his grip on a fractured, embattled Norway is tenuous at best.

Berg forms an interim government in the wake of the Russian withdrawal while the EU pressures Norway to resume its energy production.

Djupvik learns that the new defense minister may have been behind the assassination of Anita. Border troops resist EU peacekeepers.

Vold enters the electoral campaign, accusing Berg of corrupt profiteering. Sidorova tries to retrieve her partner, Sorokina, from Russia.

Anti-Russian attacks escalate due to a hate campaign that Berg tries to link to Vold, unintentionally increasing his opponent's popularity.

Linked to Anita's death, Berg suffers in the polls and discovers that Bente's former boss has been spreading rumors via internet trolls.

Berg survives a near-fatal heart attack close to election day but Bente's testimony may lead to his impeachment by the Supreme Court. Call Netflix Netflix.

Linguee Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations.

Blog Press Information Linguee Apps. Examples: occupied bandwidth n — bezette bandbreedte n. If an existing switching time is modified and placed on a moment which is alr ea d y occupied b y a n existing switching time, the existing switching time is overwritten [ Wanneer een bestaande schakeltijd wordt gewijzigd naar het tijdstip van een bestaande schakeltijd, wordt de bestaande schakeltijd ongevraagd overschreven.

Een blokkering opheffen is een nuttige en legale tactiek, waarin. A property investment is different from a prop er t y occupied b y i ts owner or buyer since it generates cash revenue independently of the other assets held by the company.

Een vastgoedbelegging onderscheidt zich van een vastg oe d ingebruik d oo r de eigenaar daar deze kasstromen genereert onafhankelijk van de andere activa van de onderneming.

Synchroon has set in motion numerous measures to counter the effects of the crisis, such as converting o wn e r - occupied h o me s to rental dwellings.

Synchroon neemt verschillende maatregelen om de gevolgen van de crisis te bestrijden, zoals het omzetten van woningen van koop naar huur.

Het tijdsregistratiesysteem werd uitgebreid met een kostenplaatsmodule, zodat het mogelijk werd om meteen te registreren met welke activiteit een werknemer bezig is.

When all memory locations a r e occupied , a t ransmitter already programmed must be deleted before a new one can be programmed. Wanneer alle geheugenplaatsen zi jn geprogrammeerd, m oet een ingeteachte draadloze zender gewist worden, om een nieuwe zender te kunnen inteachen.

The business unit h a s occupied a le ading position for many years in the field of cobalt-based products but has also developed the production of compounds of other metals to serve its [ De business unit bekleedt al vele jaren een leidende positie op het vlak van kobalthoudende producten maar ontwikkelde ten behoeve van haar klanten verbindingen met andere metalen.

The battery housing must be designed and constructed in such a way as to prevent the electrolyte being ejected on to the operator in the event of roll-over or tip-over and to avoid the accumulation of vapours in pl ac e s occupied b y o perators.

De behuizing voor de accu moet zodanig zijn ontworpen en gebouwd dat wordt voorkomen dat in geval van kanteling of omslaan, de bediener met opspattend elektrolyt in aanraking komt en dat wordt voorkomen dat de bedieningsruimten met dampen gevuld raken.

For instance, the front seater will indicate the direction. Zo zal de frontseater bijvoorbeeld aangeven welke richting gevlogen dient te.

We also continued our dialogue with companies operating in another conflict area, namely t h e occupied t e rr itories of Palestine.

Verder hebben wij onze dialoog met ondernemingen die actief zijn in een ander conflictgebied, namelijk d e bezette P al estijnse gebieden, voortgezet.

The S-curve and the fact that the driver w a s occupied w i th the rear light of the other train may explain why the driver did not notice that signal was in fact red and not yellow.

De S-bocht en het feit dat de machinist bezig was met het sluitsein van de andere trein, kunnen verklaren dat de machinist niet heeft opgemerkt dat sein feitelijk toch niet geel was, maar rood.

A temporary wall was constructed to sepa ra t e occupied s p ac e in the West section of the plant from 28, square metres of vacant space to allow for lower heating levels in the vacant space.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Henrik Mestad Jesper Berg 24 episodes, Ane Dahl Torp Bente Norum 24 episodes, Eldar Skar Hans Martin Djupvik 24 episodes, Ingeborga Dapkunaite Irina Sidorova 24 episodes, Selome Emnetu Maja Norum 20 episodes, Janne Heltberg Anita Rygh 20 episodes, Ella Malia Prince Andrea Djupvik 16 episodes, Alexej Manvelov Harald Vold 15 episodes, Ulrik Skage Wenche Arnesen 13 episodes, Oddgeir Thune

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